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I royally screwed up my first attempt to convert this site to a Blog format.

Having learned some valuable lessons, we embark on a second attempt to convert everything over to this new format.

For now, I’m concentrating on getting my recently documented telegraph acquisitions into the Key Collection.

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We have the power to create worlds and the power to destroy worlds with our words.

” We learned that Sarah and Avraham “created souls in Haran” through their use of speech and by imparting the compelling words of Torah to the pagans of their time.

I have been employed in the ham industry most of my adult life.

Employee of the Ham Radio Outlet store in Atlanta, GA 1994-95.

Product Manager for Amateur Radio equipment at Ten-Tec from 1997-2009; employed with Ten-Tec 1995-2009.

I left Ten-Tec after purchasing Vibroplex on December 21, 2009 and operate the business as my full-time profession.

Radio: I have been an active ham since 1982, mostly focusing on CW operation and CW contesting in particular.

I presently serve as co-director of the CQWW contest, along with KR2Q and W5OV.

Home QTH is a 2 bedroom loft apartment in an old redeveloped downtown Knoxville industrial building. My "home" shack is located at the Vibroplex office.

Current HF rigs are Elecraft K2, Icom 765, Yaesu FTDX1200.