Dating virtual worlds for kids

Spark City World is a dedicated virtual world designed for girls, focusing on creativity and expression, through fashion, decorating, gaming, and interacting with friends.

Within the virtual world, girls are free to shape their own experience within the environment by customizing their characters, decorating their apartments, playing games and watching exclusive webisodes featuring the Clik Stars!

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Members can communicate with and keep track of the Clik Stars by reading and commenting on their regularly updated blogs.Once registered, players are given an avatar that they may change the look of to reflect their own personality or moods.With their avatar dressed and ready to hit the town, they can explore the bustling metropolis of Spark City.All they have to do is mouse click where they want to go and their avatar will follow, or access the map and warp to a specific area/location.Spark City has a lot to offer: shopping, dancing, making friends, chat, using smileys to express feelings, decorating profile pages, crafting, launching quests, playing single or multiplayer games, completing daily tasks, decorating the apartment to throw parties or just chill with your Star Pet and more.

If a friend is not in the world at the same time, users can keep in touch with them via email messaging thanks to the cell phone system. Explore, play, make friends and chat in the virtual Spark City world at no cost to you.

As an added bonus, players can follow the Clik Stars, Jessy, Yuki and Leiyah as they tackle issues that affect girls in webisodes and blogs only seen on Spark City Special items and features such as (but not limited to): quests, apartment upgrades, VIP areas, pets, shopping for clothing, furniture and accessory items, requires a VIP Membership which garners the users Star Coins and access to everything the world has to offer.

Spark City is dedicated to making its site 100% safe for kids.

To do this we created a filtered kid safe, chat system that allows users to communicate by typing messages and sending them to other users.

All messages are filtered and only approved words and phrases can be exchanged.