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In it are five different things you can buy: a concrete driveway, a brick driveway, an extension piece for concrete, an extension piece of brick, and a special garage door.To get things started, you need at least one piece of the non-extension pieces.

This means that unless you plan ahead of time, most of your driveways will probably be to the left of the front door.This isn't a big deal, really, but it's important to note it. The shot on the left shows the minimum distance the driveway must be from the right edge of the lot.There is a seven-tile gap there, which is used for the turning around of the car.Here you'll find information on the different additions and changes to the game too small for their own sections, but too important to just brush off in a single sentence.These are in reverse order of how they were listed in the Game Changes section. Despite rumors to the contrary, players were never able to own drivable cars for their Sims.

If anyone has ever told you that there were drivable cars, they were 1) lying, 2) misinformed, or 3) stupid.There were cars you could download that were created by other players, but they were only statues for all intents and purposes.Things have finally changed with the Nightlife expansion.And even better, the cheapest car is under 00, which means even the poorest Sims will have a chance to own one. First things first: if you want a car, you'll need to set up a place for it.The streets of the Sim City neighborhood are too busy to allow you to park on them, so you need a driveway.Head into Build Mode, and there will be a new section specifically for driveways.