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When you’re looking to meet women online, there are really only two routes to go.

Most of the girls on regular dating sites, on average, are slightly prettier than the ones on adult dating sites.Here are our results for the BEST dating sites to meet women: No, not every woman is willing to go home with a guy on the first date.But if a third of them are willing to admit it in an Internet survey, that’s pretty good news for guys.In other words, if you can get a girl to go on at least one date with you, you’ve got pretty good chances of closing the deal, assuming you don’t really mess things up while you’re on the date.Going for girls on regular dating sites will give you some good results, but it’s a LOT easier to go for girls on adult dating sites.

Our very favorite sites are listed above, but those aren’t the only sites where you can get laid?The sites below are our picks for websites that are pretty freaking good, just not quite good enough to be in the table with our favorite sites of all time.We still say you can get some great dates on these sites, especially if you follow our guide to using multiple dating sites at once to drastically increase your chances of getting laid.Here are our second-favorite dating sites: If you’re curious about the reasoning behind these numbers, or about what kind of experiences helped to influence our decisions in ratings, check out our in-depth reviews.We have one for each of the websites listed here, from our very favorite, Social Sex, to the armpit of the dating world, Up For Check out the reviews, make your own decisions, and see which ones appeal most to you.