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Sweden, Denmark and Norway as we see each other and ourselves.

Sweden is seen as the most advanced country in terms of technology.

In Norway they’re seen as snobs and arrogant, and in Denmark they’re seen as people who are very concerned with order, but loose all self-control when they come to Denmark to drink the cheep beer.

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Denmark is seen, both by themselves and the others, as the most laid back country.Sweden see Danes as lazy and without self-control ever, and in Norway they’re seen as people who pursuit a comfortable life.Norway is seen as the country that is most in touch with it’s beautiful nature.The Swedes see them as unhygienic fish-eaters, and the Danes see them as calm and easy going people. Well, Despite this sterotypical view, We love our neighbours.Of the three countries, Denmark and Norway has the best relationship. And I'm Swedish with brown haired and is more brownish (But that's becuse I visit alot of warm and sunny places) and got brown eyes.

Despite that, I am fully swedish, and got ancestry from both Norway and Denmark. Seems like I'm going to start all over again to look through this funny yet often "educational" comic strips since I recently came back from a vacation in Sweden and Denmark.With beautiful Iceland as the first country I visited I'm hoping to visit the "missing ones" in the future.Anyway, thanks to the creator for your work - I'm hoping to see many new comics in the future Hey, we don't think of Norwegians as unhygienic fish-eaters! This particular comic makes Sweden seem very judgemental and narrow-minded. I have to say that having lived in 2 of these countries, that mostly what i heard about swedes in Denmark was remarks on how we speak.Like there is a saying in Sweden, if you get drunk enough you can speak Danish, supricingly when i lived in Denmark i came across the same expression but ofc with danish being swedish.Something else that was talked alot about was food price diferences and specially since there is a sugar tax AND now a fat tax (food gets taxed extra if it containes over a certain % fat to make ppl eat healthier), and in Sweden u mostly talk about the cheap boose and how we cant understand them when they speak but being able to read danish and understand properly.Norway however and Sweden has alot of trafic between them specially work force and well shopping and both Sweden and Norways political parties has a very strong tie to one an other.