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Common advice given to people new in recovery is not to start any new relationships for the first year.? How can we delegate the maintenance tasks so that neither of us feels that we are doing too much? What place will religion, hobbies, sports, and outside interests have in our relationship? How important are those things to our relationship? The rationale behind such advice is that until there's a certain growth and maturity in recovery, most people new in sobriety lack the skills to effectively identify, own, and process emotions and feelings.? The ability to handle emotions and feelings directly affects the quality of relationships. How can we ensure mutual growth in this relationship? How open are we to taking joint and individual responsibility for our relationship? Here are some topics for discussion for you in your partner.? A major contributor to successful relationships is the ability to communicate.? How are we going to handle various differences of opinion? How will we handle irritation with one another and is it worth the effort? How are we going to handle fights and bring them to a healthy resolution? At what point will we seek help for ourselves if our fighting gets out of hand or will we even bother, for example will we seek counseling together?

Specifically, to communicate and understand important aspects of your partners goals and believes.

It seems that a shared characteristic of people either in active addiction or early addiction recovery is that their relationships are damaged in certainly in need of repair. How will we include others in our relationship without losing our support for one another? How should or will we approach problems in our relationship?

Common advice given to people new in recovery is not to start any new relationships for the first year.?

The rationale behind Take a look, I'm sure you'll find some interesting discussion points here. How can we best nurture our support for one another? How will we communicate with one another on a daily basis? How dependent will we be toward one another and is it healthy? How can we give our mutual intimacy a boost in the relationship? How long do we intend our relationship to last for example, do we want to get married? How will we ensure that we respect each other's rights in this relationship? How will we help one another "grow'' in this relationship?

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Question: so my fiancé recently asked me if I had taken any money from our joint savings account.