Dating past and now

Anyone worth it will understand your reservations before you've met in person and should find your sensible choice attractive. So when did it all start going right for online dating?

It was no longer taboo, or something to be sniffed at and this was the start of online dating as we know it today.

Many people have got married after starting relationships online and it's not just a flash-in-the-pan fad any more.

So where can we expect online dating to move to in the future?

When it was first introduced, just a few years after the Internet came into our homes, people have seen online dating as a huge phenomenon.

Yet since that time we've gone through stages of it being laughed at, then frowned upon, people were ever scared of it and today the view of online dating has come a long way.

Rather than scoffing, people will often simply be interested in a story of how two people met online and more often than not happy for them.

A lot of the public found it difficult to comprehend how you could develop feelings for a person via the internet and get a good idea of that person without meeting them in person.

Of course, meeting online is difficult, when you all you get is one 2D photograph, taken at such an angle which could mean that person looks nothing like they do in real life.

The biggest argument against online dating websites is this whole issue of dishonesty.

Many people lie about their assets, whether that's their career, their past, their interests, their body or even their marital status and of course, there is the potential to get hurt and humiliated.

The easy answer to this problem is speak to them for a while but don't get emotionally involved.