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James Irving family wealth Many business magazines place the combined book value of the Irving empire at an estimate of approximately –5 billion (CAD), ranking it third in Canada.

However, since the conglomerate is privately held and the family is private with respect to financial matters, no information on net worth or possible partial ownership by other parties is available.

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James Irving The family has long maintained their secrecy while actively supporting many community initiatives.

Their philanthropy has long been rumoured in many projects, but the first time it was publicly acknowledged was during the early years of the Université de Moncton, an institution that K. came to support in recognition of the support that members of the Acadian community had given to his companies.

Since the mid-1980s, the Irving companies have become much more visible in their charitable actions, partly out of a public relations strategy; however, there are many examples of daily philanthropy which continue to this day that are not made public.

References such as these are frequently debated amidst the province of New Brunswick. Slave Captain The Career of James Irving in the Liverpool Slave Trade One of the very few firsthand accounts written by a Liverpool slave ship captain to have survived, this unique and fascinating primary source navigates the reader through the remarkable story of James Irving, a Liverpool slave ship captain who was shipwrecked off the coast of Morocco and subsequently enslaved.

James Irving is occasionally involved in efforts to preserve the Atlantic Salmon in northeastern North America. He was made a Member of the Order of New Brunswick in 2008.

All companies within the Irving conglomerate are vertically integrated and buy services from and products of the related firms, thereby keeping the cash flow within the family. (born 1928) is the eldest son of billionaire industrialist K. * Jack — Construction, engineering, and steel-fabrication companies. After their father's death in 1992, ownership and responsibility for the Irving companies were divided as follows: * James K. * Arthur — Irving Oil, its retail stores, oil refinery, oil tankers and distribution terminals and facilities. K., as he is normally referred to, along with his brothers, Arthur and Jack, share the ownership of what is known informally as the Irving Group of Companies. Irving Limited, the conglomerate with interests in forestry, paper, kraft, tissue, wallboard, building supplies, frozen food, transportation, shipping lines, and shipbuilding.Legitimacy of such claims must be considered a problem when nearly all [objective] media are operated directly under James K. Schwarz skillfully supplements Irving’s personal journal and letters with useful notes, making this an essential volume for anyone interested in the relationship between the slave trade and the British Empire.Slave Captain is a compelling narrative that will be welcomed by the general reader and scholars alike.