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He glides around Singapore, where he now lives, in a Bentley, alighting on one champagne-fuelled party after another. Every so often, if he feels like it, he thoughtfully dabbles in business, mainly investing in internet start-ups.

In contrast, Zuckerberg works 16 hours a day and lives quietly and modestly.

Saverin’s relationship with Zuckerberg was closely explored in The Social Network, in which Zuckerberg is portrayed as getting so caught up in making Facebook successful that he betrays Saverin and essentially runs him out of the company.But the man himself says he sees the move as an opportunity to engage in more sophisticated financial activities.He said it placed him at the nexus of China, Indonesia and India, where social networking is still in its infancy.Singapore is one of the most privacy-conscious cities in the world and has no paparazzi and no tabloid press.But for the occasional picture in society magazines, his nocturnal exploits go largely unreported.

One of Saverin’s most intriguing new business partners is Rachel Kum, who represented Singapore in a Miss Universe contest and last year set up a cosmetics company called Rachel K Cosmetics.In a promotional video, she describes Saverin as her ‘friend and mentor’.Saverin appears on the promotional video for Rachel K Cosmetics, saying vaguely as he justifies his investment: ‘It really inspired me to see that she went from Miss Singapore to sort of pushing her own line.She is going with her passion.’A 24-year-old Singaporean PR girl who joined his posse on several occasions at the Butter Factory nightclub, which he used to frequent earlier this year, said: ‘He always has a lot of girls around him.In The Social Network, Saverin is seen struggling to control a possessive Asian girlfriend who sets fire to a wastepaper basket on his bed when he tells her their relationship is over.The incident, if true, clearly did little to dent the appeal of Far Eastern women for Saverin.