Dating for traveling professionals

In this respect it could offer a useful interactive service that simple guides like Trip Advisor are lacking.

If all else fails, scrolling through the profiles of fellow travellers you may want to meet could be a fun distraction to while away those hours wasted in airport departure lounges.

If you travel a lot for business, making friends while you’re on the road isn't easy.

Mobile app Here on Biz attempts to make your traveling experience a little less lonely by helping you discover other professionals who might be traveling for work in the same city.

, the brainchild of Nicholas Green and Alexander Dru, allows travellers to enter an itinerary and seek out like-minded companions who will be in the same place at the same time.

The app replicates some of the functionality of Tinder, a dating app, by allowing people to dismiss or accept potential travel companions, arriving at suitable matches quickly.

This may not be a perfect fit with the typical business traveller.Tripr generally targets backpackers looking for friends to spend time exploring together.The short-term business traveller is often lucky to grab a few hours between meetings before they have to move on.Finding suitable business travel companions may also be difficult amid the gap-year crowd, although there are filters on age and sex to narrow the search. Tinder's swipe or see style has become synonymous with one-night stands and Tripr may well end up being used for the same thing. The app's strapline of "people, not places, make a trip" hints at a broad potential user base.Business travellers are as likely as anyone else to be encouraged by a friendly face in a strange place.Tripr also enlists residents as companions to provide local knowledge.