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He no longer believes this myth -- a falsehood widely cited by pit bull advocates and humane groups.The dogs that Susan owned with her boyfriend had no history of aggression.The couple raised the two pit bulls from puppyhood.

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"Something made the dogs snap on that day," Jeff said.

He cannot forget how his son looked after the prolonged attack.

"There were unimaginable bruises and bites all over his legs, his arms and his body -- his head," Jeff said.

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Susan Iwiki, 30-years old, was babysitting Dax at her home on North Lakeshore Drive when her two pit bulls attacked.

In his first interview about the deadly attack, Jeff Borchardt, 39-years old, spoke candidly about his son's death.

He said that after hearing about a toddler mauled by a pit bull in Caledonia, he could no longer remain silent.

The interview took place at Jeff's former home on June 10th, which now lies empty, filled with painful memories. We had to come home to a house with marks on the walls," Jeff said, pointing to the marks Dax once made.

Jeff and his wife decided to leave their Darien home after the attack because the memories of their son were overwhelming.

Jeff is speaking out now to warn others about pit bulls, a dog breed he believes is dangerous.

Before his son's death, Jeff said that he used to believe that a dog's behavior was determined by the way it was raised.