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LGBT teens showed higher rates of all types of dating violence compared to heterosexual teens.

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Twenty-three percent of LGBT teens reported sexual coercion while heterosexual teens reported twelve percent.

It was also found that LGBT teens reported perpetrating dating violence at higher levels than heterosexual teens.

Transgender teens are at the highest risk for dating violence.

According to this article, LGBT teens are at a greater risk to experience all types of dating violence.

The goal of this study was to compare dating violence experiences of LGBT teens with experiences of heterosexual teens.

The types of experiences being compared were physical, psychological, sexual, and cyber dating abuse.The study also compared the victimization and perpetration by females, males, and transgendered teens.The study compared the differences in both populations seeking help.It is important to find what groups are at a greater risk for dating violence, so prevention programs can be created to target that population.Factors that increase the risk of dating violence are depression, family abuse, being isolated from peers, and substance abuse. Not only can teens be emotionally and physically abused, parents have kicked their children out when finding out about their sexual orientation.Sixty percent of LGBT teens feel unsafe at their school.