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Please press the button to display applications running in the background; then swipe each application not currently needed to close it.If this does not resolve the issue power off the tablet and then on again, this will reboot the tablet and resolve.

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Consult your systems administrator or an IT professional.The media box comes with several App stores for you to obtain applications from.You must create an online account first before you can download content.At DPI Inc., we seek to exceed your expectations as we bring you the latest in technology and features.We pursue innovation to deliver new and exciting products that you and your loved ones can enjoy for years to come.

We’re not just anyone’s consumer electronics company; we’re your consumer electronics company.

This Android tablet does not require drives as the software is self-contained.

When connecting to your home computer, make sure your operating system’s USB drivers are the most current and up to date.

Use the drag and drop method to export and import files.

You cannot print directly from the tablet using the standard software that comes preinstalled on the tablet.

You would need to download a separate application from the Android market to be able to print This may occur if you have too many applications running in the background as there is a finite amount of memory resources available.