who is cole sprouse dating 2016 Dating at work tips

For instance, hospitals do not support romance between a doctor and a nurse.

As such, if is suggested that you go through the company employee guidelines to check if there is any rule against dating or marrying a colleague.

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This is important if you do not want the whole office whispering behind your backs.Infact, office grapevines thrive on such probable ongoing / failed colleague romances.Since it is not possible to be on a cordial relationship with everyone in the office, these very people could be ones who may engage in dirty-talks about you and your partner and this creates a bad impression.Love and romance does not wait for the right time and opportunity to happen.As such dangerous and risky as it may be, office romance is a reality and various surveys reveal that it is quite a common phenomenon.

But while it’s extremely difficult to keep office dating and romances undercover for a long time, there are definitely some important measures you can adhere to in order to ensure that your love story with a colleague does not hamper / disturb your own office work or others around you.

At the same time, you get to carry on a torrid affair in a hassle-free way. There’s this beautiful babe / handsome dude in your office you have been eyeing for a while, but are unsure is the feeling is mutual.

The trick is to read his / her body languages and decipher apparent signs of a green sign.

For instance, check if he / she is meandering around your cabin a bit too much or trying to share lunch hours with you.

He / she may even send flirty e-mail messages to you if both of you have already been introduced.

Maximum firms do not entertain office romances as it is believed to adversely affect the productivity.