Dating and and childless

Even though, in many ways, she perpetuates a stereotype of an unhappy single woman with that piece, in many ways she doesn’t.

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Best-selling, childless author of She writes that childless women have historically served a crucial role in society, not yet publicly recognized.These women should not be scorned but celebrated for their contributions to bettering the human race.Gilbert writes: “If you look across human populations of all varieties, in every culture and on every continent (even among the most enthusiastic breeders in history, like the nineteenth-century Irish, or the contemporary Amish), you will find that there is a constant 10 percent of women within any population who never have children at all.Very soon it will be the UK’s third National Fertility Awareness week which is being organised by Infertility Network UK, the British charity which supports those undergoing infertility treatment.Are you a single person who would prefer not to be? Do you worry that you’re too needy, or too independent? Too close to your opposite-sex parent, or too distant? No matter what you do or who you are, there is always a pathology to neatly explain the problem.

Well, I have a radical suggestion: Maybe you’re perfectly fine exactly the way you her decision to be childfree.Gilbert’s book is about being with someone but much of her book (and I think the last one in some ways, too) is also about her decision to be child free.Reel Girl is, in many ways, a blog about parenting, yet my post about Gilbert’s happy, fulfilled childfree life is one of my most popular, most shared posts ever. It makes me think that celebrations of happy childfree women are rare, too few and far between.I wonder if you don’t have kids, if you’re supposed to be unhappy about it? And if you’re not with someone, are you supposed to be unhappy about that too? Actress Zooey Deschanel, who– get this– actually called herself a feminist publicly– responded to a question about whether or not she would have kids: What is so clear to me is that when women are not valued for being single or for being childfree, all women are not valued.If women’s worth is determined by their relationships, they have no worth at all.So, I guess that’s another reason why I wanted to defend Elizabeth Wurztel.