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Besides the rosebush, she had observed several other species of flowers growing there in a wilderness of neglect, and obstructing one another's development (as is often the parallel case in human society) by their , indolent, provoking,--put, without any sort of terms or conditions, entirely into the hands of such people as the majority in our world are; people who have neither consideration nor self-control, who haven't even an enlightened regard to their own interest,--for that's the case with the largest half of mankind., to grow up like one of the poor women I saw sometimes nursing their children or washing their clothes at the cottage doors of the village of Gateshead: no, I was not heroic enough to purchase liberty at the price of caste.

This useful and amusing bird is everywhere regarded with superstitious dread by the uneducated.

"Servants are uneducated creatures," said Bisset contemptuously.

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I ignore the schism of which you speak, invented by the sacerdotalists to alarm the uneducated.I supposed Romanism could only be held by uneducated and superstitious persons.But to the uneducated eye of Andrew Lanning it was a great and dignified building.The natural part of any one of us is, in any significant sense, simply the uneducated part.She was uneducated and ill-mannered, impulsive and quarrelsome.

Rape is almost always the crime of the poor, the hardworking, the uneducated and the abnormal.Their ideas of history, for instance, are simply cheap and uneducated. I have a very general question to ask in regards to dating women. I was having a general discussion with my dad about a week ago.We were discussing our relationships and women we dated but it quickly became an argument.He is currently married to a woman from Ghana, West African that is my step-mom.She has given me many headaches in my life as step-moms normally do.