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If you believe in yourself, others will believe in you -- if by nothing more than mere trickery.

Every woman loves a man who knows what he's doing, and Israeli men, even if they don't know what they're doing, will never admit it.

They approach a woman like they approach the toilet -- with conviction and purpose.

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Yet the Israeli brand of macho can sometimes go overboard.

Sometimes, and quite often, the Israeli man is considered too cocky and overconfident, an incorrigible flirt and womanizer.

Israeli men offer deals -- "You come here and I will pamper you with chocolate." It seems archaic, even primitive, but that kind of confidence can really melt away at a woman's reserves.

It was an offer I could refuse -- but only for a short time. I declined, but was coaxed into this little setup before the week was out.

Yaniv was his name, and his sweet entreaty epitomized the dating habits of the macho, cocky Israeli man (can you say caveman with a cell phone and Chanel sunglasses? He cunningly wanted to prepare hot cocoa for me in his apartment. As an Israeli whose life was split between Israel and America in the familial and environmental sense, I have the pleasure of viewing both worlds as a foreigner and native. American men, I am a big advocate of my Mediterranean-blooded counterparts.

Israeli men seem to have confidence imbedded in their DNA.

Maybe it's from the army, or perhaps it's the carpe diem syndrome. Either way, Israeli guys know how to approach a woman and make her feel like God has descended upon her.

I attribute this approach to an unfair advantage Israeli men have over their American counterparts when it comes to courting Israeli women (can you really call hot cocoa on his bed courting? Let's face it, when people have the same life experiences -- dealing with an aggressive public, terror attacks, army service, chocolate milk in a plastic bag -- they can more easily relate to one another.

So Israeli men already have a pretty good idea of the background of their potential prey.

This knowledge inevitably detracts from the taunting image of the unapproachable, mysterious woman on a pedestal, at least somewhat, and results in a boosted sense of chutzpah.

But Israeli men's confidence is a quality that proves enticing to at least some of those being pursued.