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We’re meeting for dinner tonight as a pesky call from the office made me pass on the Peach Melba. An incredible ability – read schizo personality – to switch from goodtime, party girl to sorrowful soul in the blink of an eye.

Leonine is not a word I use lightly (or ever, come to that) but it fits him like a glove. Will scrupulously investigate and decide over the next two weeks. Each Totem Male gets just 15 days to prove he’s Mr Right. Always coming on strong, travelling on gut instinct, even if it meant putting people offside.

All that powerful energy and the v igorous way he moves. That’s me, Loue Karlin, the zodiac’s Pisces Princess on a Pea; a dab hand at acting out the ‘beyond reproach, peerless, spotless, nature’s goodie-goodie two shoes seeking a fairy-tale existence. Works long hours at Investment Banking – hence the trademark slate gray and charcoal suiting sheathing a perfectly proportioned bod. Uhm…Maybe, as a first step, she ought to take a good, hard look at herself to see how they could mesh in. The grave demeanour; evidence of the heavy responsibilities Totem Lions seem to carry. Supports my high concepts and philosophical ideals, and always, but always, throws salt over his shoulder at the sight of two crossed knives. The full frontal, frank and fearless approach she’d just outlined wasn’t going to make him change his core character. I’ve fallen for his golden brown eyes and mane of yellow hair. Those beginnings of bags under the ever so serious eyes. Insists like me on total fidelity, and always cracks his boiled egg instead of slicing it. Going gray at the sides (seems to affect Lion Men earlier than most) Comfortable in his skin: cool, calm and collected - totally confident of his ability to achieve his ambitions. Or, swinging between sexpot nympho and the Countess from Castille to really raise the stakes. I truly do need someone with that rock-like quality. Concentrating hard, I reckon that Totem-wise he’d be just right for one of the Air Women: Gemini, Aquarius or Libra. The problem was how to get the relationship just right. Someone who’ll share my love of the arts, and likes sleeping with the window open. I can just see her putting on that prim and proper, repressed librarian look to titillate his libido. Although, I have to admit Max’s powerful, protective presence gave me a tum-turning seismic turn on. And who do I know as a Libran to go with my Totem Lion? I’ll let him down gently and then set the two of them up. Instinctively, she knew she’d found the perfect match to her Libran nature. Let’s take your all-important agenda of falling on in love and marrying a true friend and equal partner. Different story with women like my hairdresser friend, Sadie, for instance. A second divorce behind her denotes molto man crankiness experience. She concentrated on extracting every skerrick of information from Loue.

Actually not always sure his heart’s always in it if the tennis is on tele. As I’m neither, I simply don’t rate in his pick of the pops.

I sense his ideal playmate would either be an ‘experienced’ woman or a rosy virginal 16 year old.

To tell it like it is, an expensive Cartier watch on a woman’s wrist tends to turn him on more than the sight of acres of bosom bursting out of a low cut dress. Problem is he’s too much of a cool cat to be great in bed.

But, now that the moon dust has worn off, it’s just that we simply don’t click! Not paying me the slightest attention despite the fact that there’s this drunken Accounts Receivable head honcho from Sri Lanka slobbering all over my décolleté. Ideally, a shy, devoted to his needs, heiress, more than prepared to put up with, indeed, positively in awe of his lofty detachment. At most six out of nine, and that’s when he’s really firing.

reads ‘hardworking, ambitious: a thinking ahead, tenacious survivor, and super loyal and trustworthy.’ Okay, on the face of it just what I’m looking for. And there’s my Lion networking the room with clinical efficiency, pursuing to the nth degree that ambitious streak of his. Equally though, I know what he really deep down craves is a 110 percent compliant doormat.

Sure, I know in the final analysis his strong right arm would always be there for me and all that stuff.