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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. You can't turn that off no matter how much PC kool-aid you try to consume... When a guy starts looking at my chest instead of my face, I just say, "You must be really tired, your eyes are sliding down." I consider it a mark of a gentleman if he can maintain eye contact throughout an entire conversation, and yes, I have known a few! maybe when a guy stares at yer chest you should make faces at them, or freak them out a little - when their heads are looking down say "oh, when did that happen, I think you might be loosing some hair there", this may give them a lil trauma around you and they'll think before looking downwards at you again - exposing thier scalps, lol - sorry guy's Ive talked to a few tits on here recently and they are all blokes, No it's not ok to talk to a gals chest, alas some lads think it is their god given right to do so, sort of like checking out the booty, they think you don't know or don't care, they think a large breasted woman is open staring territory, I can honestly say I find conversation with a woman face to face is far more stimulating than chatting to her bust, there are times and places for things like that, providing you have hit it off and you are consenting to his altered gaze.

I am from London and I have a big chest, I have just meet this guy as a mate and when he is talking to me he is constantly staring at my chest, which I find very rude plus I work in a very male dominated enviorment and my manager does it, and all the other men in the office do it. Same thing if I wore spandex at work distinctively carving out my genitals...

I just wanna shout out at them YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW WOT UR DOING U MUGS PLS LET ME KNOW WHY U THINK IT'S OK TO TALK 2 TITS INSTEAD OF SOMEONES FACE?? Unfortunately, some men suffer from this common disease called "being an ass".

It causes them to do things like stare at a woman's breasts instead of respecting her and making eye contact.

;)Oh come on now, do you really not know the answer to this? ....hmmmmmm It's not that we don't think you notice. What you don't know is that you only catch us 20% of the time. If you have a problem with men staring at your boobs then the answer is simple: cover up.

Same thing, different area of the body.let's get this straight..woman, not saying you debstar a funny thing is, you get caught peekin at the cleavage and they shame you for it..each time they look in a mirror, they bend forward seeing how much they are showing..they can see it, what makes them think we can't? Deep inside though they still love all the attention because it gives them sexual power.

Some women even like to **** about men looking at them or complaining about being hit on all the time.

Women wear revealing clothes because they like to be watched because it makes them feel sexy.

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