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Not sure when I'll find the drive to bare my soul here to you weirdos. Geeek girl , into comics gaming etc in normal life (whenever i have time :/) Into sub/dom ( more of a dom unless i find the right person) and RPs, love to own Girls and use/abuse then so if anyone wants to submit messahge ...

If you send me a message and I don't reply right away, there's a good chance I'm engrossed in a video game or just not paying attention in general.

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Here to explore things, don't have any preferences or kinks , yet! I'm completely new here so I'll start off with a few words about myself. I'm in good shape and according to friends a...26 year old guy from the UK looking for friendly and the naughty chats as well : P I ave a thing for big boobs and butts so if you have either thats a massive plus BUt you cant be picky so : P I love giving creampies, hot rough sex and some kinky fun aswell... I was on here before Babble crashed and eliminated my profile..last two times.

I have brown hair (lighter or darker depending on the season) and blue green eyes. If you're going to type like an illiterate moron.. Do not ask me for personal information or social media.

Love comics, love video games (especially Warcraft and Final Fantasy). I am laid back and my sexual tastes vary, but my sensibilities are not easily offended.

I don't like piss, shit, blood, feet, or ageplay. I'm new here, looking for someone older to show this shy but very horny girl some fun. If you have a chatzy room I'm happy to play ... Older than I used to be, but feeling younger every day. Custard creams are the ONLY biscuit that should be allowed - all others should be outlawed. Rock 'n' Roll definitely ain't noise pollution!!! Still rebuilding my profile, but here is the short of it: MWM, sex is boring or nonexistent at home, looking for some cyber / phone fun!

Kinks include dress up, humiliation, BDSM, and the like. xx To save you asking, I don't have Skype, kik yahoo or anything like that.

Im Cybersex gelten im Grunde die gleichen Regeln wie im realen Leben auch: Höflichkeit und Vorsicht für den Erstkontakt, Witz und Phantasie, um es würziger zu gestalten - und dann schauen, wohin es sich entwickelt. Einmal die Grenzen, die jeder für sich zieht – zum Beispiel, sich nicht selbst nackt vor der Kamera zu präsentieren.Im Sex-Chat hat man den enormen Vorteil, freier in der Wortwahl sein zu können. Daneben existieren Verbote, die vom jeweiligen Gesetzgeber oder dem gesunden Menschenverstand diktiert werden.Ein absolutes No-Go sind Nacktfotos oder gar pornografisches …[Weiterlesen...]Es sind Worte, die Lust und Leidenschaft beim Cybersex wecken, mal abgesehen von Videochats, bei denen eher nackte Tatsachen für Hochgefühle sorgen.Jede einzelne Silbe malt Bilder im Gehirn und regt die Fantasie an.Dass dabei jeder anders auf Schlüsselreize reagiert, es mal derb, mal eher romantisch mag, liegt in der …