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'I’ve got to get him off of me and get him secured. Your mind shuts down and you go to what you know, which is your training,' he said, adding that he didn't have time to reach for his pepper spray.

The guard was asked why he felt the need to throw Mc Clain to the ground twice.

And, when asked by a prosecutor why the prison guard didn't try to subdue Mc Clain by sitting on him, he said: 'I was thinking about getting him off me.'Council, whose wife is expecting their fourth child, was sentenced to 12 to 24 months in prison, but the sentence was suspended and he was ordered to spend 90 days in the jail where he worked and three years probation.

I'm a college-educated woman in my early 30s from a solid family (no daddy issues here). I get the occasional bout of loneliness, but I'm not lonely enough to get myself tied up with an actual boyfriend.

I've got a career to build and don't have time to spend on someone else's needs/wants/feelings right now.

Ashley Madison was an opportunity for me to meet people outside my immediate social circles, experience the best of the city (fine dining and drinks on someone else's dime), and best of all, I didn't have to put forth any commitment. If you're like me and thinking of taking the plunge into Ashley Madison, I would advise wading into this cesspool very carefully. Most of the men I've met on Ashley Madison seem to think they're Don Draper.

To them, if they order the right drink (an old fashioned) and say the right things ("I work in advertising/tech/fashion/finance"), women will give 'em their panties and bend over.

None of them are all that charming, and they don't know how to talk to women (saying "LOL" out loud does not count as youthful wit).

How any of them ever managed to land themselves wives is beyond me. He was one of the first men to message me on the site.He was looking for that "special someone" with whom he could "gaze at the stars with." John was your typical Ashley Madison customer: He was married, white, well-off, and a commuter—which is a bonus, because it allows them to keep their affairs separate from everything else.After exchanging a few messages, he finally mustered up enough courage to ask me to dinner.I accepted and met him at a tacky little bar in Midtown East.Later, as our "date" was winding down, he swiftly and firmly held my jaw in place and proceeded to kiss me. In his pictures, he looked the part of a healthy and normal middle-aged father— striped polo shirts, running shoes, and the like. " Despite a serious lack of chemistry, we trudged on to dinner—partly because I'm an optimist, but mostly because I was broke.Meeting face-to-face, however, was a different story. His ill-fitting shirt and khakis had bits of lunch stained into them. He ordered pasta Bolognese and chewed with his mouth wide open. They are hiding behind their computer screens to get laid. Because Ashley Madison is infested with scammers and webcam girls and sugar babies, most men are elated if you give them any sort of response—even a nasty one.