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To quote the manual, Crackle is "an online distributor of original web shows, Hollywood movies, and TV shows" - think Netflix, with less name recognition.It's owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment and features films and television shows from Sony's library and its 'content partners', including 20th Century Fox, Paramount and MGM (which basically just means it has the rights to some of their films and TV programmes, too).Since 2007, Crackle's also produced original shows and movies - marking it as one of the new wave of creative outlets alongside Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. Like Netflix or Amazon, Crackle has a large roster of TV shows and movies that's refreshed monthly - with titles being added and taken down.

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Most exciting, though, is what Crackle's got coming up next - flashy projects with big-name talent that could well see the service become as big a part of our lives at Netflix. )First up is - launching in 2017 - which on the downside is lacking any official involvement from Guy Ritchie, but on the upside has cast an eye-catching set of key players, including Rupert Grint, Ed Westwick and Dougray Scott. ) i OS and Android systems, XBox 360, Playstations 3 and 4, the Blackberry 10, the Apple TV set-top box, Sony Blu-ray players, Roku boxes and Bravia TVs. Crackle to be a thing - until Sony decided to shut it down in 2014.

Here's hoping it's proper mustard or it'll take the jam right out of our doughnut. No official reason was ever given for its demise, though analysts at the time suggested that increased competition from Netflix had forced Crackle out of the market.

Two years on, could Crackle UK make a big comeback?

No news as yet, but with its library of titles, its name recognition and its influence continuing to expand, you'd be foolish to rule it out entirely.

PT: After The Wrap reported on internal Crackle conversations, Sony Pictures Television Chairman Steve Mosko told us that he had a preexisting deal in place to return “Larry Sanders” to HBO, where it originally aired. Previously: Earlier this year, every episode of classic Garry Shandling sitcom “The Larry Sanders Show” existed on Sony streaming platform, Crackle.

Two months ago, the service removed the content and turned those rights back over to its own parent company — now Crackle wants them back.

In the wake of Shandling’s death, Crackle’s programmers are already having internal discussions about making them all live again, The Wrap has learned exclusively.

No actual negotiations have taken place yet, however, and it’s still too early for a decision.

And by the way, should Crackle get the OK from Sony, it won’t be free just because the latter owns the former.

So there’s quite a bit to work out before we’re all laughing at Larry’s late-night antics again.

“The Larry Sanders Show” only actually ended up at Crackle in the first place because Shandling guest-starred on friend Jerry Seinfeld‘s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” the alternative platform’s crown jewel. 20 of this year, and can be seen in its entirety here.