Consolidating superannuation form reno speed dating

It is really important that you get your super sorted and the starting point is to make sure that you've got all your superannuation funds in one account.

It is important that you read our Privacy Statement before submitting your personal information to us.See: Privacy Statement Security Statement: While the department endeavours to provide a secure internet environment to its clients, it should be noted that there are inherent risks associated with the transmission of information via the internet.In this respect, users should note that this enquiry form, unlike other department internet transactions, does not provide facilities for the secure transmission of information.It’s very common to have accumulated several super funds after being in the workforce for a few years.Now is that time of year when your annual statements will arrive in the post, so if you’re getting more than one or two, it should be a prompt for you to do something about it.

Transfer (or rollover/ withdrawal) forms will need to be completed for each fund and they will need all the details of the fund to which you are rolling over your funds to. The ATO will need to identify you and require your name, date of birth and tax file number.If you think you’ve lost a super account, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has a Super Seeker system which can help find lost benefits. Your super fund’s investment performance, insurance and the services it provides you with will make a big difference to how much you’ll retire on.We can’t predict which fund will perform the best so it’s is more important to pick the right investment strategy, the fund with lower fees and best options and just ride the ups and downs of the investment performance over the long term.Reply […] If you’ve got more than one or two super funds, this resolution is for you!While you’re giving your retirement funds some attention, consider your investment options and whether you should be topping up your fund.See our blog for useful tips on Consolidating your super fund.