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There are spectacular views of the Pacific, the Channel Islands, and Los Angeles depending on where you stand, and the campus landscape slowly climbs up the foothills.

Also, the 40 year old Mediterranean revival architecture of the campus’ main buildings fit in perfectly with the scene, and the centerpiece is the Phillips Theme Tower, a tall stylized cross symbolizing Pepperdine’s commitment to its Christian mission and goals.

Although affiliated with American Baptist Churches USA, the faculty, administrators and student body are from interdenominational faiths.Paved bike trails wind through a campus of beautiful traditional and modern architecture.Walton Hall is a student-oriented center built from stone with a Spanish-tiled roof.Many students choose to attend a Christian college or university to deepen their knowledge of the truth, goodness, and beauty of God and God’s creation.Where better to do that than within a Christian university campus where beauty is manifest in both the built and natural environments?

Featured Online Christian Colleges To help prospective students in their search for the Christian college or university that is best for them, we’ve put together a list of what we consider twenty-five of the most beautiful colleges in the United States that are also members or affiliates of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities.

Image Covenant College, nestled on the border between Georgia and Tennessee, is located high on the mountaintops of Lookout Mountain.

The beautiful 300-acre campus, giving folks a view of seven states, is a combination of current architecture and traditional buildings.

Emphasizing its location, the buildings offer a wealth of windows to let the sun’s beautiful rays shine in on students all day long, while the campus is filled with flowers and trees, showcasing the natural beauty that is the southern United States.

For a campus where students spend 90 percent of their time outside the classroom, Covenant is ideal.

Image Set amongst the beautiful foothills of Malibu, CA, the Pepperdine University campus is among the most beautiful in the United States.