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Stay tuned to more from Alex and read more about her on our Toronto Squad page. I have a recurring (very sensual) dream about Anthony Bourdain that involves a pizza. Having a boyfriend who is a chef affords me some great things (he always knows which vegetables to pick at the grocery store) but odd hours and days off are also incredibly difficult sometimes.

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Here’s chef dating 101: #1 Chefs Eat Junk Don’t think for a minute that all chefs turn their noses up to a Big Mac.While I am fairly certain that Grant Achatz probably thinks a Dorito is some sort of commonly worn hat in South America, most chefs love dirty ol’ Taco Bell deliciousness.My boyfriend will never turn down some greasy Chinese or a biscuit from Popeyes. There seems to be some idea floating around that ordering salad on a date makes you more attractive. Chefs like to eat, I like to eat, that’s what made me perfect for him!If tall white hats, muscular forearms, and a way with knives make you tingle, then you may be primed to date a chef.Over on How About We’s blog, one writer went so far as to marry one, and she reports back with the perks (we think they’re perks, anyway).

Sure, eating well, visiting under-the-radar restaurants, and sporting an impressive food vocabulary sound great.

But among the other , going to sleep and to events alone, having friends treat you as a walking guidebook (not to mention calling you a chef-schtupper), and having date night only on Mondays sounds pretty dismal.

If you’re going to try this at home, be sure to stock up on independence and patience, along with all the Pepto-Bismol.

Written by our newest member to the Fat Girl Food Squad Toronto team, Alexandra Cioppa! In fact, I am seriously considering a full time career as one of those people who have You Tube channels and eat on camera for money. I imagined that dating a chef would be like having a restaurant all to myself.

We met Alex at our last Bloggers Brunch (rad) and since then a mutual admiration formed. He’d bring me pizza when I had bad days and homemade chicken soup when I was sick.

She is currently a beauty blogger at Chick Advisor and lover of all things food! So when I found out that the cute, bespectacled guy who had been messaging me on OKCupid was a cook, I was like ‘Um, yes please I want to go to there’. A kitchen widow is the name given to chef’s wives who are essentially, widows, since their husbands have left them for the oven.