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If you have a modified car of any age we need you to Unite and help fight this iminent ruling by the European union.

Read all about it here Sign petition here Write to your MEP here UK Hot Rods Rodding Forum Lawrence who hosts this web site for the UK Hotrods web site, has been asked if he could set up a UK Forum on this web site and Lawrence is seriously looking into desigining one for us.

So if you are into the Rodding scene then do sign up when it is up and running and hopefully we can have a friendly and informative place to talk Rodding.

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help us locate and return this car to its rightful owner It has light mods and still runs the standard sidevalve. I know this site made that happen, it has been good to me and I still want it to continue.The owner is absolutely devastated so if you have any leads let me know and I can passon the info [email protected] There have been a spate of thefts of modified cars recently so lets get these low lifes stopped now! But I feel I have taken it as far as I can and now it needs some new blood to put their stamp on it and take it forward.New Rod, Custom Bike Run Wellingborough The George Inn Main Road Wilby, Wellingborough NN8 2UB is the place to be Saturday 1st October. So if you think you are capable of taking over the reins of the Uk Hot Rods web site and have a real passion for our hobby, then drop me a line at [email protected] and we can talk about it.for the 1st and hopefully an Annual event for anyone into the American Car, Bike or Hot Rod scene. Love to everyone who has become a friend over the last 10yrs and thank you for reading and looking at my web site...There is parking for around 50 to 60 cars and an area that can be used for camping. I am gonna miss doing this site but I just feel time is time and I need to do something else..

Music on etc FREE entry inc camping for anyone wanting to stay. Cheers xxxxxx Keith Harman Uk Automotive (Hot Rod) journalist and photographer Keith Harman has just launched a cool new web site dedicated to his work and love for Hot Rodding, featuring Rod Runs in the UK and USA.Click here for a flyer and more info New for 2011 Custom Bike and Hot Rod show to be held in Oxford click here for flyer 2011 Euronats The 2011 will be in Belgium, Click Here to go to the host clubs web site and Click Here for the flyer. Also the start of a catalogue of photos putting faces to names in the Hot/Street Rodding world so go check it out now Northern Swap Meet: The new venue for the NSRA Northern Swap Meet is :- Elsecar Heritage centre Barnsley, Just off junction 36 of the M1 Date Sunday 7th November 2010 available from Raygun Industries and a damn good viewing it is to.Cole Foster's interview is particularly good, I don't think he has built a bike I don't lust after.There is loads of stuff on this edition, California Hot Rod Reunion for the nostalgia Drag fans, some awesome old Funny car runs and pits footage, finished off with a mind blowing Cacklefest There are interviews with UK Rod builders and owners, like Marcus from Juarez with some ace looking Rods in progress.Wayne Allman is a very talented Builder and comes over a real nice guy, well they all do to be honest.Jim Turnbull's Roadster sounds awesome and he does a great interview along with is partner Julie (Miss Jaycee) who run Royal Kustoms..