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even if I *** I always make her happy I dont want to be caught and in trouble with law oh ya she know I do my...I read the words on the screen and thought, why not? Everyone masturbates, but the topic is considered to be taboo and is never discussed publicly or in mixed company. There is something about seeing yourself ***,all your muscels tighten up,you start to quiver,and all at once you have a huge rush of pleasure with a hard muscel contraction that shoots a strong pump of thick *** followed by several more... while ************, I usually pretend I'm the girl. I typicaly spend several hours a day watching **** and playing with myself.His descriptions were getting me off right now, my vibrator was being pushed in and out while I read every line, wanting to do this, wanting to use my toys just like he asked... I admit that I do it quite often and have quite a few fantasies that I've used over the years to get my rocks off. At school when I was twelve I was sitting at my desk the girl accros from me at another table was wearing short shorts there was only 5 kid in my class everybody else had lice whoever was here was sitting at the front of the class except for me and her when she was wearing short... but it got old, and I needed something new, so I got a pool toy to put in my butthole while I **********. I would say I have an average of 4-6 ******* a day.My routine usualy involves lying in bed sitting up with no clothes on. I think of ************ as a private act, just me alone with my thoughts.I will admit that my most intense ******* have occurred at times when I was not entirely alone. On some Sunday mornings before anyone was awake I would... Sammy Jo Duponte x I ********** once a day at least.I'm a prostitute and, I must say, that when i'm in the shower getting myself ready for work I ********** myself to climax. Love to jack my hard **** and feel it stiffen, jerk and harden more when I ***.