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Rafter participates in international comparisons of radiocarbon laboratories and their modern facilities are operated to strict international quality assurance standards.

The problem with carbon dating is this simple: This shows that the Christian and other religious views that the world is only thousands of years old is more likely instead of billions like scientists say. My question for you is, are there many scientists that don’t believe the world is at least millions of years old?Most theologians claim the world is only thousands of years old which is a huge difference compared to billions and millions.I have yet to meet or hear of any atheists that believe the universe has only existed for that short of time. Radiocarbon dating isn't used to date anything older than 50,000 years. Atkins American Clock Co American Cuckoo Clock Co Atkins and Downs Atkins and Porter Atkins Clock Co Attleboro Baird Clock Co Bradley and Hubbard Brewster and Ingraham Chelsea E. Beals Jerome and Co Junghans Keebler Kienzle Kroeber M. Atkins and Co Mauthe New Haven Raingo Freres Seth Thomas W and H Waterbury William S.

Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory is part of the National Isotope Centre of GNS Science based in New Zealand.

Since 1986, it has operated an Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) facility, the first installed in the Southern Hemisphere.

This facility provides a radiocarbon dating service for researchers worldwide, and over 30,000 samples have been measured from the Pacific area, United States and Europe.

Since the 1950's , this laboratory has provided radiocarbon research for the areas of archaeology, oceanography, environmental studies, groundwater research, geology and antiquities.

Their highly qualified team of scientists and technicians are engaged in research in a range of topics including textile dating, paleodietary studies, paleoenvironmental reconstruction, pollen dating, atmospheric pollutants and problems of marine shell dating.

Over the past 55 years, Rafter Radiocarbon has analysed many unique and diverse works of art, antiquities, ancient textiles and scientific samples from around the world.