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Disclaimer: The following is a work of fanfiction based on the CBS television series, The Magnificent Seven. No monetary gain will be made from anything contained in this story. " "No thanks, I've got business in town," he noted, heading for the well appointed SUV. were doing follow-ups on a dangerous group who were targeting African-American churches in the southwest. "Damn," he said thickly, "you guys didn't leave much for my funeral." More laughter and they stood, each shaking his hand and wishing him well. He waited several minutes until the high color left his face. Far beneath the thick, black blanket that held him snug, a sharp, burning pain in his side brought his eyes wide open.

It is in no way intended to infringe on the copyrights of CBS, MGM, The Trilogy Entertainment Group, The Mirisch Corp., or anyone else who may have legal rights to the characters, settings or song references. Note 1: I want to thank the kind, generous and understanding editor, aka KET, for effortlessly going through this with her red pen. " "Uncle Linc and I had four more hits planned, before that trigger-happy swine killed Kevin," the felon replied of the large plans the three mapped out so many years ago. It was decided when they were running out of luck, for Lincoln to take money and the boys out of the country and raise them. " Troy wagged his eyebrows and watched his father shut the door with one boot. + + + + + + + Two weeks later: It wasn't your typical Friday in spring in the offices of Denver's highly decorated ATF team. Two strikes in nearby towns had them away on travel most of the week. Then they departed, Chris snagged Vin and gripped both shoulders. Taking a deep breath, he made his way to the table. Through a blurry veil, he saw a muddy boot pressing its toe into his wounded side.

Thanks Pard, you got no idea how relieved I am to have my 'assets' covered. Note 2: And thanks to Rosy for her gorgeous collage in honour of this story! "I got this timed out just right." "Yeah," the blond replied, pushing a CD into the stereo. They'd buried those dreams with Kevin, their youngest brother, who'd been fatally wounded in the flight from the law. He'd invested the money they'd taken from the first two banks. Usually, the last day of the week brought a busy morning, finalizing reports and a lazier afternoon, catching up on interviews, going over lab work and preparing for the new week. Buck and Ezra were investigating a case against two importers of illegal forms of pyrotechnics. "Sometimes, Tanner, you put me to shame," he offered, watching the young man blush again. He curled his lip into a nasty snarl and twisted his body, kneeing the offending foot "You know, Pedro," the guard turned to his companion, elbowing his green-fatigued chest. ' He laughed, grabbing his crotch and then shoved his boot on the prisoner's neck.

This story was formerly hosted at another website, and was moved to blackraptor in May 2016. " Arlee laughed, recalling the lush guest, who was being well paid for her services. "We lay low in Green River for awhile, then we make our first move." He noted of the banks and other 'stops' north. " he asked of his younger brother by nearly six years. " "You're making me hungry, boy," Bull growled, watching the landscape roll by. Linc had a golden touch when it came to money and had done well. Chris was asked by a Senate Commitee in Washington to become part of an eight man team, a National Strategic Initiative. " He was laughing too now, overcome by the contagious blond's very unusual hysteria. "Get yer ass upstairs, yer gettin' t'be a sentimental old fool," Vin grinned, cuffing Chris's neck. "Maybe when we're done with you, we'll cut them off and send them back to your compadres up north, Si?

Part One Central Utah Correctional Facility April 2, a.m. Although the both had dark hair and blue eyes, Linc was several inches shorter and slimmer. He'd remained hidden, the boys came on their own to visit twice a year until they finished school. The best and brightest of the ATF divisions cross county, were called upon to form this unique group. "No, I don't need m'ducks cleaned," he snapped, "I don't need m'cows cleaned neither." He hung the phone up, shaking his head. " Not realizing his mistake, he grinned proudly as the other men exploded in laughter. He sat down, dropped his head and tried to contain it. Sometimes, something strikes you funny for no reason and this was one of those times. He looked up briefly as the phone rang again and Josiah answered. " Vin beamed, clapping the now coughing blond's back. + + + + + + + While Chris went over his presentation with Orrin Travis, the rest of the team was scattered around town save Vin. " "Try it and I'll break your fuckin' arm," Chris choked, spitting a wad of blood on the boot pressing into his tender flesh. " Hector Alonzo laughed, rolling him over and grabbing him by the back of his wet blond hair.

Stryker "Bull" Savage paused outside of the gates of the tomb that had been his home for the last fifteen years. "Good, it'll be ready and waiting at that private airfield your friend told you about," he said of his father's cell mate. Then they moved back to Montana, the family home for over one hundred and fifty years. " she winked, as he heaved her over one shoulder, smacking her bare bottom. They would meet every ten weeks to discuss ways to make improvements within the Bureau. We got it covered." He waited, then added , "Besides, If I have to look at another peanut butter sandwich ... He was at the office, updating the graphics on the final version of Chris's presentation. His rumbling stomach reminded him that lunch was approaching. He heard the hiss of pain as he lifted the prisoner and shoved him off the truck.

It was just over forty degrees and the sun greeted him anxiously. "It cost us plenty, but Uncle Linc said it was worth it." "Well," Bull said, draining his beer and belching, He slid his hand over and rubbed the nearly white blond bristles on his son's head. The old cabin was still in good shape and the boys took care of themselves. Such changes in policy, techniques, investigations, forensics and all other arms of the Justice Department, would build a better federation for the twenty-first century. They all grinned when the cranky voice came through the speaker. "Here," Chris handed fifty dollars back to the sharpshooter. " he grinned as the other man smiled and tucked his card away. He eyed the empty desks, trying to figure out which of his friends to call. His friends got the large, unconscious gringo into the barracks, laying him on a bunk and securing his wrists and feet to the bedrails. Texas..." He closed his eyes, not wanting the priest to catch him lying.

The denim pants and jacket that he wore snugly fit the body which had earned him his nickname many years ago. " he noted of his insatible brother who never married. "Looks like after our vacation, next week the real fun begins." He noted of their robbery spree. She's was about your age when I met her." He sighed, scratching his crotch. damn I got an itch." "Candy," Arlee smirked, watching his father laugh. He hadn't seen Linc since the night Kevin was pumped full of lead. for Kevin." "Hey," Troy Savage stood barefooted on the porch of the well hidden cabin. " He hollered, sticking his head inside the doorway. " He jumped over the railing and ran to greet his father. He was a little nervous, not having seen Bull since they'd parted ways that fateful night. Damn shame." "Yeah, he kicked them fuckin' cops asses all over the state." He noted with pride. "She needs to be punished," Arlee agreed, recalling the wild night the three shared. " Her voice was husky as she felt the muscles rippling under his shirt. He asked Vin to help him prepare for the first meeting, a three day seminar in San Francisco on Monday. There was nothing like Vin in the morning, before he got his caffeine-sugar fix. "I asked for coffee, I can't afford your sugar fix." He did some mental math, "Besides, that doesn't add up. " "It come t'nine somethin', with the Reese's cups and totin' fees and such." Vin decided, sitting down and shoving his cookies in his lap, between his thighs. " he grinned at the lingering hands still yearning for a cookie. Had to eat them peanut butter cups on the elevator t'keep me goin'," Vin complained, " damn near passed out ... " "Seriously, Vin, you ought to take up speechwriting," J. Buck and Ezra were doing legwork for their case; the others were at a meeting with the local police department. He shoved the blond forward, towards a set of double doors. Doctor Delgado does not like Americanos to begin with..." "Doctor? "...hurts..." "Here," the nurse moved in, giving him a painkiller and a long drink.

At five inches over six foot, most of his two hundred and fifty pound body was muscle. He nodded once and began the journey he'd dreamed about. " Bull embraced his youngest son, Arlee, just turned twenty-one. His younger brother fled to safety, while he led the law on a two state chase. He watched the van pulling up the dirt path and grinned. He'd done his best by the boys, raising them up in the wilds of Canada. "I reckon there's still a few they never found," he grinned, thinking on the bloody bodies his father's stories aluded to. " He oozed, watching the beauty appear in the doorway. "I always believed in using the rod," he pulled her close, grinding against her, sliding his right hand up to fondle the ample chest. Although they'd been separated all week, this morning they were reunited. The others smiled and listened as the voice came up the hallway and into the room, still full of vinegar. " Buck laughed, eyeing the disgrunted young man's features, which were trained on the team leader's stern features. He glanced briefly at his best friend, "Ya can gimme a five and we'll call it even," "Like hell we will," Larabee bellowed, reaching for the breakfast, only to have his hand slapped. " while opening his sausage, egg and cheese on a toasted roll and taking a bite. "Hell no, we're talkin' 'bout m'bloodline, not Bucklin's." "You best hush up boy or you'll be wearing that hot chocolate." Wilmington teased. It ain't much, it's all I had, but I figured it might help him a little." "Is this why you've been eating peanut butter sandwiches all week? " "Weren't nothin' t'say," he shifted uncomfortably, knowing they were all looking at him. I couldn't ask any of ya t' put out money." He licked his lips and eyed the door, "I'll get yer card." Chris's eyes followed him and lingered on the empty doorway after he passed through it. " Chris's blood ran cold as he was mercilessly shoved ahead, landing on his knees. "Please don't upset yourself so," the priest moved closer.

Peering through the sunglasses, his cobalt blue eyes spotted an older model Dodge Van parked about fifty feet away. His short, almost marine cut hair, was pale blond and his eyes were hazel like his mother's. "Back at the cabin," he noted of rental unit in Green River. Now, after finishing the original job, 'written in Kevin's blood', they were picking up that dream. Twenty-four year old Troy not only looked like Bull, he had the 'infamous' Savage wildstreak in him. "Oh, you must be Papa Bear," she cooed, untying the sash that held the short emerald green satin robe on. " She hushed as the large man gripped her waist under the satin. They were in the conference room, discussing their individual investigations and catching up. "If ya weren't s'busy makin' time with that hot number in the lobby, ya couldda toted yer own. "Last time I checked the large was a dollar seventy five! "You're always half-starved," Nate laughed, "Don't make a damn bit of sense. Vin swallowed, wiped his mouth and saw Chris's hand still out. That is what he missed all week, that natural camaraderie that this group shared. "Oh," Vin said slowly, holding the wet cookie, "Want some? " the blond asked and saw the long-haired agent dip his head once. and why you didn't go with us to the concert last weekend? There were so many intangible qualities inside the proud Texan that it shamed him. He managed to get to his feet by rolling sideways and using the bottom of a bunk to get leverage.