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It was wise to hand the task of adapting Donoghue’s Man Booker Prize-shortlisted novel to the author herself, who surely knew better than anyone just how tricky it would be to retell her story without her most essential tools: chiefly, a mastery of language and interior monologue that kept us firmly locked inside the head of the story’s 5-year-old protagonist.For a reader diving into “Room” with no prior knowledge of its premise, it may well take more than a few pages to grasp the precise nature of what’s going on, so artfully does Donoghue mimic the voice of a small boy who has never been allowed to set foot in the outside world — and who indeed has no understanding of what “outside” and “world” even mean.The film, by contrast, has no recourse but to give us an immediate view of this enclosed space, though Abrahamson and his gifted cinematographer Danny Cohen do a fine job of keeping as much concealed as possible.

They spend every waking minute together in the room — or Room, as they call it, Jack having no awareness that there might be others like it.In these spare, grubby environs (expertly arranged by production designer Ethan Tobman), every object, like Table and Toilet and Sink, is not just a functional item but a friend.But no one is a better friend to him, of course, than Ma, and we watch with growing tenderness and trepidation as she attends to Jack’s every need: running him through a morning exercise routine, playing games with him, reading books to him, giving him a bath, fixing him a simple meal, and even baking him a cake to celebrate his fifth birthday., and she reportedly said yes in March when Greenwald popped the question during a trip to Tokyo.Larson and Greenwald, who is the frontman for rock band Phantom Planet, have been dating for several years, and the actress has not been shy about letting her love for her man be known.

While accepting her best actress Oscar at this year's award show, Larson declared: "Alex Greenwald, I love you." So. Brie Larson and her musician boyfriend Alex Greenwald are engaged, reports Us Weekly and THR.Larson and Greenwald, currently in the band PHASES and formerly the lead singer of Phantom Planet, have been dating since 2013, and the pair were regulars on the red carpet this awards season, which culminated in Larson's Oscars win.The cramped 11-by-11-foot interior of a sealed, sound-proof garden shed isn’t the only thing keeping a boy and his mother prisoner in “Room,” a suspenseful and heartrending drama that finds perhaps the most extreme possible metaphor for how time, regret and the end of childhood can make unknowing captives of us all.It’s a testament to the story’s underlying integrity that, even when deprived of some of the elements that made Emma Donoghue’s 2010 book so gripping, director Lenny Abrahamson’s inevitably telescoped but beautifully handled adaptation retains considerable emotional impact as it morphs from a taut survival thriller into a hauntingly conflicted drama of loss, mourning and gradual reawakening.With enough critical favor (especially for Brie Larson’s superb lead performance), plus a savvy marketing campaign that emphasizes the story’s killer hook, A24 might just have the call-your-mom-sobbing-afterward movie of 2015 on its hands.