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It was rumored some of the money was buried in Archer and has never been found.

David Yulee was imprisoned at Fort Pulaski in 1865 charged with treason and then pardoned.

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INDIAN RIVER & LAKE HARVEY TRAM RAIL ROAD COMPANY ACKSONVILLE FL Filed 08/14/1874 DISSOLVED11/01/1985 Officer/Director HOPKINS, E JACKSONVILLE FL D LUND, THOMAS W JACKSONVILLE FL D BOULTON, ROYAL JACKSONVILLE FL Barnett Bank, National Association 50 North Laura Street Jacksonville, FL 32203 FDIC Certificate #: 3566 Established: 5/7/1877 Inactive October 8, 1998 Merged without Assistance Bank of America, National Association - (15802) THE ATLANTIC AND GULF TRANSIT CANAL COMPANY HUBBARD L HART JACKSONVILLE FL -Filed 04/01/1878 State FL DISSOLVED 12/14/1936 Officer/Director HART, HUBBARD L PALATKA FL D VARNUM, JOHN TALLAHASSEE FL D BARNETT, ARTHUR JACKSONVILLE FL D LOVE, H W D DURHAM, D A PALATKA FL INDIAN RIVER RAILWAY AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY JACKSONVILLE FL Filed 03/22/1880 DISSOLUTION 12/31/1963 Officer/Director CHURCHILL, WILLIARD TITUSVILLE FL D SHOEMAKER, JANICE M JACKSONVILLE FL D BASSETT, ARTHUR JACKSONVILLE FL JACKSONVILLE AND ST. JOHNS BAR TELEGRAPH COMPANY Filed 02/17/1881 State FL CANCEL FOR NON-PAYMENT 12/01/1977 Officer/Director WALKER, JOHN JACKSONVILLE FL D DANIEL, JAMES J. JACKSONVILLE FL D STUART, JOHN JACKSONVILLE FL D SCHUMAKER, JAMES M. JACKSONVILLE FL FLORIDA LAND IMPROVEMENT COMPANY JACKSONVILLE FL Filed 10/13/1881 State FL DISSOLVED 12/14/1936 Officer/Director DISSTON, HAMILTON THESE ARE SUBSCRIBERS . This was the listing; Baptist Lagard - 450 Joseph Matea - 1 Francis Beargou - 2 Joseph Adeline(? Disagreement of testimonies made one yarn as plausible as another, till time and other hardships pressed the issue out of public consciousness. JACKSONVILLE FL SANFORD WATER COMPANY Filed 09/16/1882 DISSOLVED BY 09/14/1936 PROCLAMATION NAME CHANGE 11/12/1917 OLD NAME WAS : SANFORD ICE AND WATER COMPANY NAME CHANGE 12/02/1886 OLD NAME WAS : SANFORD WATER WORKS COMPANY THE MUTUAL GAS-LIGHT COMPANY OF PALATKA FLA Number 000229 FEI Filed 06/30/1883 State FL DISSOLVED 09/14/1936 Officer/Director KOMLEY, EDWARD . ) - 3 Antoine Richardville - 4 Tousaint Dubois -5 James Baird -6 Joseph Oneille -7 John B. month following General Lee's surrender in Virginia,, a wagon train carrying high ranking government officials, the personal baggage of Jefferson Davis and the remains of the Confederate Treasury, in gold coin, rolled into Florida, attempting to elude federal agents. The Quakers planted extensive orange groves in and around Archer.

Yulee, a supporter of slavery married to the ex-governor of Kentucky's daughter, was elected senator and became known as the "Father of Florida's Railroads."onsiderable spin hit the press regarding the fate of the confederate gold and silver left in the custody of Jefferson Davis before his arrest for high treason. Arnea -9 "1845 Florida admitted to the Union; David L. PALATKA FL KISSIMMEE RAIL ROAD COMPANY Filed 11/02/1883 State FL DISSOLVED 10/21/1974 Officer/Director ADAMS, CHAS F SUMTERVILLE FL D FORBES, W JACKSONVILLE FL D KRAMER, J M JACKSONVILLE FL D PALMER, T W JACKSONVILLE FL THE FLORIDA INVESTMENT COMPANY Filed 09/26/1884 State FL DISSOLVED 12/14/1936 Officer/Director DISSTON, HAMILTON PTD STECK, EDMOND F. Planning a rendevous with Davis in Texas to perhaps start over in Cuba or the Bahamas. THE FLORIDA RAILROAD AND LUMBER COMPANY JACKSONVILLE FLFiled 04/04/1882 State FL DISSOLVED 12/14/1936 Officer/Director STOCKTON, JOHN A. They stopped in at Senator David Levy Yulee's Cotton Wood Plantation where his wife informed them Jefferson Davis had already been captured. Legend is that camped on the embankment of the Florida railroad the group decided to split the money and scatter. D CORYELL, INGHRAM INDIAN RIVER CENTRAL RAILROAD COMPANY SEE OFFICIAL RAILWAYS GUIDE 1963 TITUSVILLE FL Filed 12/28/1881 State FL DISSOLUTION 12/31/1963 Officer/Director MCCARY, JAMES A TITUSVILLE FL D NICHOLS, W M TITUSVILLE FL D SUTTON, C C TITUSVILLE FL The Thomas Pearsons were Quakers who came to Archer, Florida from Indiana at the urging of their friend W. They were all arrested before leaving Florida but no one had the gold.