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Sample identification page of the new ("blue") Brazilian Passport.

All data, including the holder's picture, are laser-printed.

Notice the two-dimensional biometric barcode and the machine-readable code printed in the lower part.

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A new model was officially introduced in July 2015 that complies with both Mercosul and ICAO standards, and bring a new biometric cryptography method, and replaces the last model, from 2010.The new passport also has a new due date of 10 years.As a rule, Brazilian passports are valid for ten years (five years, on 2010 model) from the date of issue.They cannot be renewed: a new passport must be obtained when the previous one has expired or a minimum validity period is required by the country to be visited.Brazilian passports can be ordered by mail for a duration of 3 years at the Brazilian consulate that has jurisdiction over the person's residence in a foreign country.

The instructions say that whether applying for a "new" passport or a "renewal", the same application is used.

Brazilian citizens do not need a passport when traveling to most other South American countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay).

For these countries, they may use just their domestic identification cards.

In December 2014, the Federal Police Department extended the validity of the document, from five to ten years.

The newest model for Brazilian passports, introduced in December 2006, follows the standard established by the Mercosul countries concerning cover color (dark blue for common passports) and the printing of the name Mercosul (Portuguese) or Mercosur (Spanish) on the upper portion of the cover, with the country name below it.

The new passport model was first issued to Brazilian citizens for travel outside the country in 2007 and by May 2010 was the sole model being issued.