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The food in the city is so awesome, Bon Appetit even named Boulder the top Foodiest Cities in the country. The city is overflowing with high quality jobs at places like Kid Robot, Skyder, Threadless and more. It also provides an unmatched spot for being an entrepreneur, with dozens of start up companies taking off right here.

Speaking of all those great jobs, Boulder is tech central.

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Boulder is among one of the best bicycling centers in the country.It was even named as the third best places to ride in the country, for their bike-friendly trails, paths, and now the Bcycle system.So grab yourself two wheels and plan a date together. Okay, so GQ magazine did call Boulder one of the worst-dressed cities, but continued on to say that the folks in Boulder are the most likely to look the best underneath those bad clothes, thanks to being so healthy and fit. The Flatirons also provides some pretty epic scenery for that next couples-selfie. It’s like having a personal trainer for the cost of a few kisses. And all that intellectual conversation will undoubtedly begin to wear off on you. If skiing isn’t your thing, though, the great outdoors of Boulder continue to beckon with a ton of fun activities like hiking, climbing, and anything else you can think of.

Your love interest will be able to show you everything there is to know about the gyms, trails, races, and fitness events in the area as well as help you work on your form. D.’s per capita here than any other city in the country. If you’ve crossed the threshold of getting serious and moving in together but have yet to even consider the threshold of babies, you might want to start off with something a little easier. Boulder has over 100 ski and snowboard trails available within driving distance for the two of you to gear up in your cute new snow-gear and venture down the slopes together. Boulder is the perfect spot for your new shared-pooch, with pet-friendly areas, dog parks, numerous trails and outdoor cafes where you can dine in the sunshine together with your new best friend.If you’ve ever dated a pessimist, you probably have vowed to never do so again.Lucky for you, everyone in Boulder is boiling over with happy. The city was voted the number one happiest city in the entire country.Sometimes you have to weigh the pros and cons of a relationship.If your relationship entails getting to dine out fairly frequently, that one needs to go in the pros column. Don’t fret about your significant other not having a decent job in Boulder.