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You were married for 15, 20…maybe even 30 years, and then found yourself divorced and faced with the daunting task of dating again.Could be you haven’t been on a date since you and your honey drove around town in a ’69 Mustang Mach 1 listening to Steppenwolf on the 8-track tape player.Now you haven’t a clue how to jump back in the dating pool. You’re one of those boomers who’ve been so wrapped up in your career all your life, that you just never got around to finding the right person.

We can’t tell you we’ve found a miracle solution to the problem of dating in mid-life – but we do know a place where you can get by with a little help from your friends.The good folks at Dating have compiled the Top 25 Midlife Dating Sites.The great thing about this list is it includes many sites that were started by boomers who found themselves single in mid-life, and let you learn from their experience.Kinda like: “Been there, done that…let me tell you where the pitfalls are so you can avoid them.” (Full disclosure: Because bohemianboomer discusses relationship issues, we were awarded a spot on the list too).There are sites devoted to specifically helping middle-aged women, middle-aged men and those dating with children at home.

You’ll find information and reviews of online dating sites, advice on dating etiquette, wardrobe…even new pick-up lines (“Are you from Tennessee…cuz you’re the only ten I see” was lame back in the 80s – and it still is!

)So take comfort, bohemians, you are not alone in your quest to find love (or maybe just lust) in mid-life.

Check out the list, click a few of the sites to find the advice and encouragement you need to start dating.

Just remember to leave the polyester leisure suit (guys) and tube top (gals) in the closet at home.

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