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How compatible are Pisces women and Pisces men mentally, emotionally and sexually?When the Pisces woman finds another Pisces man, the shared water zodiac signs have truly come across their soul mate.

Even though the Pisces couple have similar interests, it’s not easy for the Pisces woman and Pisces man to meet for they are both introverts.

They prefer intimate gatherings so it’s more likely they will be introduced by friends, or see each other at a small social event they both enjoy.

Because they are standing in the corner, they will notice each other right away.

And once they start talking, they will realize how much they have in common.

The Pisces woman and Pisces man are both incredibly intuitive and recognize they share the same world view.

They are very much dreamers who fuel each other’s desire to experience the world and all is has to offer on an abstract level.The Pisces Pisces match will immediately form a deep spiritual connection, and it’s this love compatibility that will move things into the bedroom.But because neither one wants to rush things, they will take their time getting there.But once the Pisces male and Pisces female do finally get between the sheets, it is a most satisfying time for both partners.She is soft and sensual and he is affectionate and romantic.Together, they have endless possibilities for fantasies and role playing, and they soar among the clouds in a movie-like trance.