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The author proposes a three-part model to be used as a tool of race, gender, class and culture analysis, and suggests it be used in psychology and other academic disciplines to deconstruct the concepts we take for granted.

Keywords: racism, teaching, Sankofa If ‘culture’ is not simply treated as an additional influence or variable, as in Developmentally Appropriate documents and DSM-IV, then cultural studies lead one to conclude there is essential diversity in human development.

The cultural context establishes the objectives which define individual and social development.

We supply illustrative cases, which suggest, besides theoretical plausibility, the usefulness of the principles in understanding such situations.

Keywords: developmental theory, innovation and revision, psychology, cultural issues, knowledge production, diversity, theories and practice, Latino studies, education In a society that is not totalitarian, class disparities are enabled institutionally by science.

A capital driven nation that associates intelligence with class and race can determine overall quality of life.

Race, Gender and Class in Psychology: A Critical Approach Volume 9, Number 4, 2002, ISSN 1082-8354 Editors: Christiane Charlemaine, Michael O'Loughlin, and Evangeline A. Introduction (p3-8) Christiane Charlemaine What Might MZ Twin Research Teach us about RGC Issues (p9-29) Since the publication of Francis Galton’s work, monozygotic (MZ) twins have been studied as a living experiment to try and to clarify the nature/nurture controversy, and have been used and abused to support genetic determinism.

Indisputably the twin method has been the workhorse of genetic determinism.

This article addresses the more intriguing relationships between twins research and race, gender and class issues.

As a subject of research, twin studies from a race, gender and class perspective are a complex and multidisciplinary pursuit.

Genetic determinism drawn from twin studies based on the assumption that genetics predominates our environment in the transmission of human intelligence (often indexed by intellectual quotient [IQ] scores) is particularly suspect because it has circuitously become the core of racism, sexism and classism.

The purpose of this paper is to deconstruct the mainstream twin studies and to show the relationship between twin studies and race, gender and class issues related to intelligence and IQ measures.

Keywords: twin studies, monozygotic, monochorionic, dichorionic, race, gender, class, genetic determinism, intelligence, intellectual quotient In teaching about theoretical concepts in psychology, we often fail to first consider the sociohistorical background in which those concepts were developed.

If we conduct analyzes of the origin of many of the concepts used frequently in the field of psychology, we often uncover the insidious influence of race, gender, class and culture biases.