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Sonnier was arrested on November 21 and charged with bestiality.

Those charges were later changed to two counts of "crime against nature." According to a copy of the police report provided to Huff Post, authorities were tipped off in September by a former boyfriend of Sonnier's about her alleged illegal four-legged activities.

The ex-boyfriend, the report states, told police he had started dating Sonnier in March or April.

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Because we can't make this stuff up: introducing Hatoful Boyfriend, a Japanese dating sim where you're a human girl at a high school populated entirely by pigeons, and one pudgie who acts as the school doctor.

In the game, you meet and interact with the student body, and select one (or more) to pursue romantically.

Once more for emphasis: you are a human girl at a high school for pigeons and the game is to seduce said pigeons. Pigeo Nation's Institute (the school), including one character who's secretly a ghost, one who will murder you and put your head in a box if you're not careful, and a secret Board of Shadowy [Pigeon] Figures that rules the world.

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