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It can mean fearing having friends over, fearing being invited to sleep overs, fearing of missing out on fun camping trips.For teens and adults it can mean trouble when it comes to sharing a bed with their partners.It can also mean dreading to go to sleep for fear of having an accident.

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Luckily though, many advances in the past few decades have brought our understanding of the causes of bed wetting to a more acceptable status.

While we haven't figured out everything just yet we are well on our way towards getting there.

These days, with such vast amounts of information right at our fingertips most people who have to deal with the dreaded bedwetting monster will easily realize that they are not alone in their fight.

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The bedwetting monster can sneak up on anyone at any age.

This is not an issue that is limited only to children.

There are millions of teens and adults who suffer from bed wetting problems on a regular basis.

Waking up every morning to cold and wet sheets is uncomfortable, potentially humiliating and can create a lot of work for whoever has to do the laundry.

For the bedwetter this can be a very shameful process to have to go through every morning and a terrible way to start the day.

Often times the weight of wet sheets will sit heavy on the mind day in and day out.