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After all, if your Facebook account were to bite the dust overnight (and believe us, it can happen), there isn’t anything the i Cloud will be able to do to retrieve your chats with friends.

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UPDATE 20/05/2015 – On the 1st May 2015 Facebook revoked third party access to download Facebook Messages through its API.

As such we are currently unable to offer this feature. Today I came across a couple of articles that reinforced a point that has been becoming increasingly apparent lately – people are sending text messages less and less frequently, instead opting to use 3G or Wi Fi based messages on services such as Whats App or Facebook Messenger.

There are several reasons why someone may do it, each as valid as the other.

For me, I have a brother who lives in Singapore and we use Whats App or Facebook Messenger to send messages and chat in real-time for free.

Some people live in areas of intermittent phone signal, but if they are connected to a Wi Fi network they can carry on sending messages to individuals and groups of friends, indiscriminate of the device owned by the other people (eg Apple users being able to use Wi Fi to send i Messages).

And with Facebook sprucing up the chat interface and becoming more prominent on mobile phones – think Facebook Home and Chat Heads – it’s becoming more common to receive a Facebook message than a text for a lot of people. People were thrilled when Apple brought out the i Cloud which allows users to automatically sync their contacts, text messages and other content to a separate backup drive just in case their i Phones were stolen, lost, or the data accidentally deleted.

However, when you begin to drift away from using a communication medium that is being backed up automatically (text messages), how many of you think about keeping copies of the new messages you are sending and receiving?

If you communicate via Facebook a little or a lot, you might well be looking for a way to download all your Facebook messages.