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I hope you enjoy this chapter of Sweet Revenge."Hi Troy." Gabriella said just as she walked to her locker, which was really close to each other."Hi Gabi." Troy said closing his locker shut."So are we still on for the movies tonight? Sharpay who's in the distance watching Troy & Gabriella talking to each other is thinking of a way to steal Troy away from Gabriella."I have the most perfect plan." Gabriella asked."Yeah." Troy said."Coolness." Gabriella said. " Gabriella asked adding."I was thinking we should see 1408." Troy said."Eww… I shall ask Troy out on a date then ask him to be my boyfriend, he'll say yes & then Troy is mine forever & finally. That's what I've heard." Troy countered."Well I just don't sit well watching scary movies." Gabi said."Well I already bought us tickets to that movie & they're non-refundable so are you still going to the movies with me? I'll go with you but if I find it too scary I'm leaving." Gabriella said."Deal." Troy said shaking her hand agreeing to the offer.

She walked away to her class satisfied that she could come up with a plan that's so evil. Gabi's mom opens the door because Gabi was still in her room getting ready."Hi Troy.

Hours later…The time came for Troy to go to the movies with Gabriella. Gabi is still upstairs getting ready but you're free to wait in here if you'd like." Her mom said."OK. And don't forget to be home by ." Her mom said."I won't forget.

I'll wait for a couple of minutes until she's ready." Troy said waiting inside just going to sit on the couch. Bye." Gabriella said walking out the door with Troy.

Gabriella thought while finishing applying her lip-gloss. She slammed the door shut & locked it & walked with Troy to the car linked arm-in-arm.

When she was done getting ready she went downstairs so she can leave with Troy already knowing he was waiting for her."Hey Troy. Troy opened Gabi's door for her & closed it for her in a gentleman-like manner.

I'm ready to go." Gabriella said walking down the stairs with her black mini dress that almost reached to her knees."Wow. He walked quickly around & they drove away to the theater.When they arrive to the theater they see a huge crowd outside waiting in line to buy tickets."It's a good thing we have tickets." Gabriella said seeing the enormous crowd of people in line."Yeah it is." Troy said holding her hand trying to push his way through the people.Sharpay who was following Troy around saw Gabriella with him & got angry."Sharpay thought agitated.She followed close behind Troy & Gabriella only 5 feet away from them.They sat up close to the screen because they wanted the good seats.Sharpay sat 2 rows behind them observing them while also watching a little of the movie 1408.(A/N: Just to let you know I have no clue if the movie 1408 is really scary so I'm sorry if I write if there are any scary parts in that movie. I just wanted to know.)Finally, a scary part came & Gabriella was hiding behind Troy's shoulders.