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Hubert’s at the airport that serves a fairly decent chicken poutine, though it’s a bit salty.

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– Right beside Harmony is a place that sells sweet and savory bao (those filled steamed buns), which make for a great snack and are 30 minutes for sure) wait times during the convention.

There’s also a great banh mi place on the same street as Fung Shing.

They have several varieties of filling, but are a bit pricey (~4-5$ each iirc).

Based on unanimously rave reviews from Crymore’s readers over the years, I have decided to come to Otakuthon to grace the French cheese meisters with my manly American musk. But this one was pretty persuasive: Taking a look at the programming schedule that was released a few days ago, I saw several speed dating/dating game events, a “How to Learn Japanese” panel taught entirely in French, and a “Char vs Darth Vader” gunpla battle royale.

, or on whatever social media outlet you feel is hippest.

On that note, we’ll be live shitposting on twitter all weekend, @feedmeyourtears (me) and @Chase Emory (Soup).

It’ll certainly be something, but if you have good enough taste to avoid that social cancer, you can likely expect at least one legit write-up by Monday.

Plan to get this done before my apathy kills me again. That’s really as far as the meta goes for this post.

Ecchisauce (open image in new tab to expand): Apparently she’s some random “OC do not steal” girl, but she’s super ky, so whateves.

So yeah, tl;dr: I now have a legitimate excuse not to post anything this weekend.

Lucky me~ (Still might, since I wanna get how best boy Subaru is off my chest.) So, some various recommendations: There’s a St.