And george eads dating

A controversy was created when fans began asking on different blogs if the actor was gay.

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Anyway, the engagement announcement was after all an event that made George Eads gay rumors take a new turn, as it has been claimed that George Eads is actually bisexual.The rumors have never been completely confirmed and they will most likely never will, but George Eads seems to be quite happy when it comes to his personal life, also remaining successful in his acting career. George Eads is not only a very good looking man, but also has talent regarding the process of acting.George Eds has American origins and became famous while he was a part from the cast of the drama named CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.Aspects from the personal life of different stars always are of great interest for the fans.And when we are talking about a single, sexy celebrity, his or her personal life are even more interesting for all fans, and not only, as stars are always followed around by paparazzi with the purpose to find out who they are hanging out with and who they are dating.

Well, George Eads is for sure such a celebrity, as he is considered to be one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood.And there is no shock in the fact that he has constantly been linked to many famous women, although when it comes to George Eads, rumors were never limited to women, but actually there were some that claimed George Eads is gay.George Eads has been named one of the Sexiest Male Actors in 2009, being well ranked on the TV Guide Sexiest Stars issue top.After the event, George Eads claimed to be very happy with the results and was really impressed that he was considered to be a sexy actor.And the top was surely not wrong, as George Eads definitely looks incredible.Anyway, that did not keep the actor away of different rumors claiming that he was gay.