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Mike Elwood helped write Canada's Electric Vehicle Road Map, but now he's partnered with Icelandic entrepreneur Gisli Gislason to launch EVEN Electric, a new model for the sale of electric vehicles, new and preowned.

READ MORE Kokam's VP of Power Solutions Division Ike Hong talks with EV World's Bill Moore about the batteries that allowed Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg to fly around the world using only the energy of the sun.

Now, things are again looking up, according to director of investor relations, Guy Mc Aree.

READ MORE Jonathan Garrett is Local Motors program manager for Olli, the autonomous electric shuttle.

In this exclusive video interview with EV World, he shares the story behind the development of this revolutionary transit vehicle.

Infidelity: Can couples counselling really help you recover from a devastating affair? Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, or EFT, is based on this research.

We know what happens in the brain when love goes well and when it goes wrong.

Cross Cultural Couples: Love once strong enough to overcome cultural differences now not enough? There's been an explosion of research in the last twenty years into adult love relationships.

Discernment Counselling: Considering divorce but unsure that’s the right path?

Alternatively, are you lonely, even when your partner’s there?

Couples In Step is located 6 km north of the 401, 1 block east of Dufferin, 2 blocks south of Finch (or, if you navigate by landmarks, Couples In Step is 6 km north of Yorkdale).

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