Alt lifestyle dating site

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Connecting with people who live the BDSM lifestyle can make your sex life more adventurous and give you a sense of belonging to a strong, vibrant fetish community.

You can share your deepest thoughts and desires in an accepting environment and initiate contact with S&M lovers who share your passions and kinks.

Even if you’re a newbie who’s not ready to take the plunge in real life, the chance to chat about the lifestyle without fear of being judged is refreshing.

This review found a really attractive signup page with some professional photos of sexy tattooed couples doing exciting BDSM things to each other – so far so good.

The site owners care about your privacy too, advising you that no criminal record checks are carried out and providing a little section on internet dating safety.

Most people will be too busy getting their rocks off to read it, but it’s there when needed and the effort has not gone unnoticed.

Joining up to is a simple process, start with an email address, then move on to your body type, sexual orientation, role and marital status.

As a new member you need to fill in an introduction box giving the community a quick way of identifying your interests, and also a more detailed area telling others about your lifestyle preferences and fetish.

If you’re shy or lost for words, you can click on a link marked “writing ideas where they give you a few pointers,” like: “I prefer…I’m willing to try…”, in order to pad out your profile.

Again, the attention to detail with respect to new members is a huge plus.

You soon get an activation email and will be good to go—straight to a payment page where you learn that 99% of the action is off limits unless you upgrade to Premium membership.