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Starting your life afresh after going through the turmoil of a failed marriage is, and always will be tough. And in all this turmoil, the want to be with someone, the need to date again. Continue reading for an interesting outlook on this issue.

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Then how is one to accomplish this task and what is required to be done about it?

Years of no practice at the dating scene and being far away from it are bound to be obvious hindrances.

They do not give themselves enough time to come to terms and accept the situation at hand.

Give yourself enough time to deal with the unhealthy relationship that you've come out of.

Allow the myriad of emotions to happen―anger, hurt, self pity, depression, indifference, and/or numbness.

Only once you've dealt with these appropriately will you be able to get into a healthy relationship again.If not, you'll end up getting into a relationship on the rebound which is destined to fail.Get Busy Get busy with whatever makes you happy and distracts you from the hurt and pain.Join a new hobby class and genuinely make an effort to not dwell on the hurt.This suggestion might seem like a cliché but it is like so because it works.And who knows, maybe you may end up meeting someone there.