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Please review the application process, outlined below, before completing the CHAD Rental Application. Search Vacant Properties: All prospective applicants should review the available (vacant) CHAD-owned properties for rent that are listed under Find a Home. Schedule a Rental Screening Appointment: If you find a property that appears to meet your housing needs, please contact CHAD to schedule an appointment with a Property Manager. Property Managers meet with applicants at our office located in Wheaton. Submit the completed Rental Application, along with the required documents (listed below) and fees at the Rental Screening Appointment: Applicants will need to bring the following documents to the Rental Screening Appointment: 4.Meet with Property Manager At the Rental Screening Appointment, the Property Manager will review all forms and required documents for completeness and to determine income eligibility, collect the Application fees, and discuss the available property listing with the applicants.All applicants will be required to submit to credit and criminal background screening checks, along with Third Party verifications,including employment and current/former landlord references.

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If the application is approved: The Property Manager will schedule a visit to the unit with the applicant.

If the applicant decides to rent the unit, then they will be required to hold the unit with a 0 non-refundable Unit Hold Deposit, payable by Money Order or Cashiers Check only. The Hold Deposit is due within three business days following from the scheduled showing of the unit.

The Hold Deposit is applied towards the security deposit.

If the application is denied: CHAD will contact the applicant by phone and issue a denial letter that states the reason for the denial. Schedule Move-In Orientation Once the approved Applicant has seen and opted to lease the unit and has paid the 0 deposit to hold the unit, the Property Manager will schedule a move-in date and an appointment in the office to sign the lease, review the rules and regulations and addendums to the lease.

On the date of move-in, the new resident must pay the remaining fees, deposits and outstanding balance on the first month's rent.

These include: The Property Manager will review, among other things, the obligations of the lease, maintenance requests, emergency procedures, annual property inspections, lease termination and eviction procedures.The new resident will be provided with copies of the lease, addendums and the rules and regulations, along with keys to the building (if applicable), unit and mail box (if applicable).A move-in inspection will be conducted with the resident and a move-in inspection form must be signed by both the leasholder and the the property manager.The neighborhood of Bab al-Majles al-Islami, also known as Bab a-Nazer, is located in the very heart of Jerusalem’s Old City.It lies immediately to the east of al-Wad St., the main street which leads from Damascus Gate to the entrance to the Western Wall.Perpendicular to al-Wad St., a street about 100 meters long runs east across the neighborhood, connecting al-Wad St. It is a historical area where, until recently, Old City residents led rich community and cultural lives.