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Ad-Aware 2007 includes a couple of important changes, notably the dropping of support for any Windows operating system prior to Windows 2000.

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I run my Windows systems under a "limited user" account for everyday use, which in my experience pretty much eliminates the threat from adware and spyware.

For those folks who feel that dealing with a limited user account is too much of a pain (some applications simply don't work well under limited user accounts without some serious tweaking), a similar and less restrictive solution is to use "Drop My Rights," a program that helps you set up your most commonly used applications so that they cannot be used as a conduit to change system settings or install additional software.

I followed the link to Lavasoft Q&A and there is way too much to understand about this program. Not interested more programs running in the background, especially at startup. Brian I find Lavasoft Ad-aware 2007 PLUS [not free] has Ad-watch which actively intercepts cookies, etc as they are being put one browser.

Ad-Aware was one of the first cyber security programs to be released that focused purely on malware and adware.

By choosing to focus on these categories specifically, Ad-Aware is able to offer the best protection against any type of annoying advertisements from malicious programs.

Normally, the program will automatically update to the newest definitions, but certain circumstances can prevent this from happening.

If you've noticed your Ad-Aware program is not updating, you can download this definitions file and use it to manually update the program.

Simply unzip the file and move the contents into your current Ad-Aware installation location (Usually located at C:/Program Files/Lavasoft/Ad-Aware).

Microsoft Windows users who rely on Ad-Aware SE Personal (the free version) to protect their machines from spyware and adware should be aware that Lavasoft, the company that makes the popular program, stopped shipping updates for the software after Dec. People who want to continue using Ad-Aware can upgrade to Ad-Aware 2007.

The free version of that program is available here (the installer for the new version should automatically remove older Ad-Aware versions).

Ad-Aware Plus and Professional users (as well as enterprise customers) will still be able to retrieve definition updates, according to a clarification posting on Lavasoft's user forum.