Actress demi moore dating who is tushar kapoor dating

Demi Moore was born on November 11, 1962, in Roswell, New Mexico.

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We're counting down the top most surprising first-time nominees.has exclusively learned the 53-year-old actress has sworn off younger beaus and is looking for a few good men over 50.ICYMI: Man Found Dead At The Home Of Demi Moore “Demi’s had her fill of dating younger men and she’s ready to go back to dating men her own age,” a source close to the actress revealed.“She’s realized that while boy toys are fun and flattering, what she really needs is a man who is done partying and wants to settle down.And now that she’s sober, she’s spending more and more time alone and she enjoys concentrating on her work, her health and her kids.” Since Demi split with her third husband Ashton Kutcher — who was 15 years her junior — she’s hooked up with hotties such as 35-year-old club and restaurant owner Harry Morton, 29-year-old art dealer Vito Schnabel and 29-year-old Dead Sara drummer, Sean Friday.

“Demi was married to Bruce Willis (61) for 13 years and they’re still pretty good friends.Now she believes a relationship with an older man is just what she needs,” the insider said. “She’s had plenty of years to sow her wild oats and party like a rock star, and now she’s looking for something different and more stable in her life.” The actress recently flew to London for the British Vogue 100 Festival and Gala and her date was longtime friend, 56-year-old Eric Buterbaugh – a Los Angeles florist and perfumer.The insider dishes that she had a great time and she loves hanging out with him.“On Memorial Day her kids were all away with their own plans anyways, so Demi chose to spend time alone catching up on chores – whereas a decade ago, she would have been out partying with the best of them,” the source added.YIKES: Scott Eastwood Claims His Ex Cheated On Him With Ashton Kutcher Demi came to the conclusion that younger men ultimately want children and those years are long gone for her.Ashton proved that to be true when he married Mila Kunis, 32, and they welcomed a baby girl shortly after.