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Catholics with disabilities are just like Catholics without disabilities.

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Keeping the snow piles off the parking spaces and curb cuts ensures everyone can come and get in to the buildings.Effective lighting and sound systems help everyone to see and hear.Allowing space between tables and chairs allows a wheelchair to maneuver in space.Accessing programs and events such as religious education or Knights of Columbus may take a bit more effort. The Commission has created a simple tool for use by Parishes to ensure all Catholics can fully participate in the life of the diocese and parish.Are alternative materials such as large print or electronic format available? If you have questions or need more information, the Commission is available to assist.

For All Events and People: Ensure availability of sufficient accessible parking (avoid snow piles).

Confirm ramps and/or elevators provide access to the location of the event, including restrooms, podiums, sanctuaries, etc. Arrange table and chair spacing to allow for wheelchairs or walkers.

Ask if alternative formats are needed (text, Braille, electronic format or audio tapes).

Provide adequate lighting (avoid mood or dim lighting).

Always utilize only DVDs and videos which are open captioned.

For closed captioning, be sure the TV is compatible.