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Contact Info Action to pay for a search Containing over 15 million pages of newspaper and periodical content from the past four hundred years, the database offers cross-searching for a vast treasure trove of material from Britain and the United States.

Also includes corporate information and Equifax Commercial Law records.Contact Info Action to pay for a search Provides information and research materials for students aged 5-10.Organized by broad subject categories covering geography, culture, nature, arts, and related subjects. Access Now [opens in new window] Canadian Business & Current Affairs offers access to its Business (general and specialized), Current Events (newspapers and other media transcripts) and Reference (popular and academic journals) databases. C.’s earliest newspapers freely available in digital format.

The British Columbia Historical Newspapers Collection makes many of B.Full-text retrospective coverage to 1993, and citations to 1982. Access Now [opens in new window] Full text of over 300 BC and major Canadian daily newspapers.Titles include the Vancouver Sun, Province, Vancouver Courier, West Ender, Victoria Times-Colonist, as well as the National Post, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, and Calgary Herald.Content for some titles starts as far back as 1985.Some titles are not available for 2 days after publication.Access Now [opens in new window] Online access to the following microfilmed newspapers: National Post, Toronto, Ont., 2011-2015 New York Times, Late Edition (east coast), 2008-2015 Times Colonist, Victoria, BC, 2011-2015 Vancouver Province, 2011-2015 Vancouver Sun, 2011-2015 Wall Street Journal, Eastern Edition, 2008-2015 Access Now [opens in new window] Over 9,000 international media sources; current and historical full-text articles from newspapers, leading business magazines, trade publications, and newswires.